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With my students, wether in a private lesson or in a workshop, I try to establish the right attitude towards playing. By this I mean a state of relaxedness, of listening, where what we play is what our sistem needs at the time, without forcing the learning process into a pattern of do’s and dont’s, tecniques to learn and so on, that often makes us tired and frustrated. I have done it, my students have a chance to do better!
What I mean is that I try to guide them to use the didge as an instrument for self development where the How and Why are more important than the What. From this comes naturally enjoiement and relaxation. I’m happy only when they return home with a lighter, more positive attitude than the one they came with.

Said that, my offer is usually a 2 hours private lesson or 3 hours workshops. The workshops are held in Lucerne, in Zurich or on mount Rigi, in a beautifull location in the nature.


Prices are to fit the singular circumstances. Please contact me for further details.