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YES! LIFE CAN BE A COUNINOUS SUPRISE if we allow it to happen without much limitations, isn’t it?!


This is a big topic and maybe here is not the place to discuss it; in fact this page is for the DIDGERIDOOS THAT I BUILD,  but the process of crafting handworks is, infact, for me a continous surprise.

Expecially crafting your own instrument can be something really fulfilling. With such an attitude, as a former wood artisan, I started building my own didges. The first two where nothing special, but promicing. The third was a gigantic work that locked me for nearly two month in my house carpentery. I am still playing this beautiful piece of oak wood that after being a house beam for a couple hundred years, recycled itself into a comunication device. Music is comunication at the end of the day.
Then people started asking wether I was selling such didges and so it began.


I tend to produce under commission. Various tipes and models can be agreed, from simple one-piece one-tone didges to those in the pictures: splittable and tunable wooden didges, top-class.