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Hi there, I’m Lorenzo, and here I try to give you an idea of the person I am, since, if you clicked on the link “BIO” either you are looking for fresh organic vegetables ( they are unavailable at the moment, sorry!) or you want to know something about whom is behind Prithvisound, right?
I’ll try to be short…

I was born in a little city in the southern part of north Italy called Imola about thirty years ago.

For eighteen years it nested me, then the thirst for discovery was just too strong and I left for abroad.

For a few years I lived here and there around the globe, always spending the time off I had wandering in the Nature.

Being alone in the woods, in the tropical forests of Australia, along rivers or in the grassy marchlands of Wales was for me deeply fulfilling. I rarely needed mates to set off for such trips.

One day, diving in the great coral reef of Australia, I was so astounished by the moltitude of beings, colours, life in one of it’s most vibrant, concentrate, blossoming aspect I had so far seen, I decided to take a University course in Natural Sciences.
Having completed that, having spent four years mostly in one place, my nomadic instinct was again grown strong and impatient. The chance was there and I embarked on a bicycle trip around the North of Europe, from southern Norway to Cape North, down to… I did not know back then..

Here came the Didgeridoo. Or actually a bit earlier…

Ending a relationship is often hard and hearth breaking, so was I, a melted man. It was hard to disconnect, to live the moment. Here the didgeridoo made it’s appearance. There was one at home, a souvenir given to a housemate of mine. I took it and played. It calmed me down. I kept playing, two hours were gone by. No sorrow, no pain.

Cape North

Some month later we set off together for the North. I and a fiberglass didgeridoo that could split and I could put in two pipes attached to the trailer behind my bike. We played in the most silent, uncorrupted nature, up there in the North. Its deep ancient sound framed many unforgettable moments of connection with the beauty and power of Mother Earth.